A Customized Gift Hits Closer to the Heart

April 19th, 2016

Customized GiftsAwards & More offers a variety of customizable gifts. Why give someone a customized gift? Well, think of it this way: if you received mail addressed to “occupant” versus mail with your name on it, which one would go in the trash and which one would you most likely open and read and care about? The same goes for gifts. Customized gifts are so specific to a person that they can’t help but ooh-and-aah over them. “You made this just for me?” they’ll say. “It’s perfect!”


If you can find a gift to give another person that matches their personality and/or interests, such as stemware for wine drinkers or phone cases for those who can’t live without their phone, then you’re going to please them. Furthermore, if you customize the gift with a picture or graphic that’s relevant to them, they’ll appreciate it even more. The best thing you can do, however, is to put their name on the gift, because their name represents them. It’s something they use to show the world who they are. Awards & More is often asked to put a person’s name on a customized gift.


What’s in a name? Though we don’t choose our names, they become our badges. Our names convey to others information about our class, education level and ethnic origin. They can also have something to do with the professions we choose to pursue. For instance, have you ever met a cardiologist with the last name Hart? Or a dentist with the first name Dennis? In ancient times, the Romans had an expression “nomen est omen,” which translates into “name is destiny.”


Giving a customized gift from Awards & More, complete with a person’s name on it, ensures that the person won’t soon give it away or sell it in a garage sale. Why? It has their name on it. People tend to keep and cherish things they receive with their name on it. Ask around and you’ll find this to be true of friends and family members.


Awards & More has many customizable gifts to choose from at this link: http://www.awards-more.com/gifts/giftware/vs6sP6qw5d20r1/



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