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September 2nd, 2014

Fantasy football is easily becoming the most popular game played in the US. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association ( 31 million working age Americans play Fantasy Football, spending $15 billion in the process. Let’s put that into perspective, shall we?

31 million people, that’s like the entire population of Georgia, Michigan and North Carolina together.

And $15 Billion!!

– If put into a pile it would weigh 16.5 tons.

– If lined up, each dollar, end to end it would circle the Earth 600 times (

and even more impressive, $15 Billion could buy you the recipe for Coca Cola Classic.  Now that’s a lot of moola!!!

Each year, we have customers come in with their exotic, rare, impressive and sometimes SCARY Fantasy Football trophies to be engraved with the winner’s ( and sometimes Loser’s) name.  Each trophy tells a story. Each trophy is the sought after, elusive prize piece that every “team manager” strives for. The trophy, and of course the bragging rights for the year. I love waiting on these customers and hearing the crazy names artfully chosen for teams. So we decided to join in the fun.

We have formed our own Awards & More Fantasy Football league.  12 teams signed up, draft day scheduled and antsy fingers awaiting for selections and trades.  Right here, we intend to bring you weekly updates, statistics on how our teams are doing.  Weekly prizes will be awarded for various triumphs and upsets throughout the season. And the overall winner receives a prize package of over $100, name on the Winner’s Trophy and bragging rights for the year.

Stay tuned to our blog, Facebook and website to keep updated and see who takes it all at the end. And of course you will see me there, make sure you root for “Victorious Secret”














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