Highschool Memories



Enfield is my hometown and although I broke away for a couple years to South Florida, I returned to the place I had spent my childhood. I also returned to the business I had grown up in.
Flash forward, almost 20 years out of high school, now grown with children of my own and something happened recently that made me reflect. A great high school friend came in to purchase trophies for his son’s soccer team. WOW! Talk about flashback. How cool was it, that this person whom I shared amazing high school memories with, is now a Dad and has kids of his own. And he’s shopping in our store and supporting his local community and a longtime friend. I guess my point is that while it feels good to shop local, it feels really great to WORK local too.


Faux Stone and Acrylic Plaque

Traditionally, you may see a plaque presented with a brass plate that sits on top of a wooden board. While still a top seller, we are starting to see new materials being used. One of our customer favorites is our Faux Stone and Acrylic plaque. The faux stone is gray and looks like a real slab of chiseled stone. An acrylic floating plaque sits on top and makes a stunning contrast to the stone. Engraved logos and text engrave on the acrylic to a beautiful white finish which creates a unique alternative to traditional brass engraved plates. This plaque would make an impressive presentation to honor a Home Contractor or to thank a building supply company for their sponsorship, just to name a few.

Available in two sizes, 8″ x 10″ and 9″ x 12″. Shown here with an additional, full color logo plate. Available by request. FAP Email me today for more information or to place your order for our Faux Stone and Acrylic Plaque.                        [email protected]

Bring on the Fantasy!!!

We are just over a week a way from the start of the 2016 NFL season. So of course that means we are just over a week away from the start of the 2016 Fantasy Football season. Ahhh, something about football season makes me excited. The chill in the air, the lazy couch Sundays, the gatherings with friends over wings and beer. So much to look forward to. And this year, like that past 2, we are finalizing our teams in the “Awards & More Fantasy Football League” I had a newborn and a 1.5 year old last year so I wasn’t able to dig my heels in like the previous year, which only has lit a fire in me. “Victorious Secret” is out for blood! Keep posted here with our weekly updates and league standings.

Fantasy Football

With any good Fantasy Football league, you MUST have a trophy. Now we have seen all kinds, from toilet seats to bull balls so there is nothing that will surprise us. Start thinking now, from a champion’s perspective. What do YOU want to win? Do you want to see your name on a golden cup? Or maybe you want your picture on a plaque? How about a top notch, quality Championship Belt?? Not like the others you have seen on the internet. These are stunning in person and take the title of Champion to a whole other level.Championshop Belt

Stop in to see one in our store or email me for pictures and pricing. [email protected]

Whatever you do, plan today for a great season tomorrow. Happy Fantasizing!

Click here to see all our Fantasy Football Awards



Puzzle Pieces for Wall Art or Awards

 Puzzle piece display
A Puzzle is defined as:
“A set of irregularly cut pieces of pasteboard, wood, or the like that forms a picture or design when fitted together.” 
That is the perfect way to describe our puzzle piece collection.  There are over 200 unique designs to choose from and the line of personalized pieces are available right in our store.


 Puzzle piece your family and friends together with this fun wall art! Choose from frame pieces, quote pieces, and now a new line of clock pieces. Add to your wall art display as new little ones arrive, graduations occur or a wedding.  Each piece is interlocking into the next so the ability to grow your display is limited only by wall space and imagination.  I have one hanging in my dining room proudly displaying my wedding day, the birth of my son and the birth of my daughter, along with a song lyric piece.  I love how it represents all the pieces of our lives fitting together to create this one blessed life. Each piece compliments and highlights the other perfectly.

Another unique way to use our puzzle pieces are for yearly awards. A customer of ours has a yearly fundraiser and the organization likes to recognize the sponsors with a custom award. Many of the sponsors proudly display their plaques, acrylics and other varieties of awards they have received. But none are as unique as the puzzle pieces.  Each year, they receive a new puzzle piece of a different color, representing a different year. As they continue to donate and support, they continue to receive a new puzzle piece each year.  What an awesome way to show your sponsors what an important piece of the puzzle they are.

Limited only by imagination and wall space

Limited only by imagination and wall space

Blessed are those who spoil and snuggle

Blessed are those who spoil and snuggle

Children are a Gift from the Lord

Children are a Gift from the Lord

A great way to honor the special Dad in your life.

A great way to honor the special Dad in your life.

Ways to Celebrate an On-Stage Performance

Custom On-Stage Awards


Whether or not they’d admit it, chances are most actors and actresses would love to win an Oscar for their acting abilities. The Oscar is validation for a job well done, and a chance for others to acknowledge a person’s greatness.


Very few people in the world will ever win an actual Oscar, but that doesn’t mean actors and actresses can’t enjoy the same feelings famous actors like Leonardo DiCaprio have after winning an award of recognition for playing their roles.


How can today’s play directors from Buffalo to Burbank or Dallas to Denver celebrate their cast members for excellent on-stage performances? For starters, awards should be considered, as supplied by Awards & More.


For instance, Awards & More offers a 24 karat gold finished metal star award on a natural finish rosewood plaque. This gorgeous piece can be customized with a person’s name on it– something they’d proudly display at home or work for all to see for years to come.


There’s also the perennially popular gold finished metal champion figure on a black marble pedestal with a logo circle on top as well as the gold finished metal victory figure statue, both of which look like an Oscar. These awards work well for honorary dinners and award shows where individuals are to be recognized for their outstanding work.


Finally, Awards & More also offers two rather unique awards: the stainless steel star statue, which works well for honoring groups of people, and the chrome eagle with optic crystal pedestal, which has a modern, sleek look to it, standing out from the crowd.


See these various awards here: http://www.awards-more.com/products/uniquely-hollywood/vs6sP6qF5d5r1/


Awards & More can add logos and/or engrave most of its products. In general, there’s a 10 day lead time for the “Hollywood” awards, so it’s best if you order well in advance by calling 860-741-2345 or purchasing your items through the online store option.



Ways to Show Appreciation to your Child’s Coach

Awards for Coaches A coach is someone who gives of their time, talent and energy to help bring together a bunch of people to achieve a goal. Ideally, the coach helps motivate and instruct a team to win a game. Little league baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, and swimming are just some of the sports where the coach plays an important role.


If you’re a parent and your kid is involved in organized sports, what do you get their coach to say thanks for a good season? Coaches are like most people in that they appreciate recognition for a job well done. Perhaps give them a gift card for dinner to a local restaurant and/or a thank you letter signed by each member of the team with a line or two telling the coach what made them special. Better yet, consider giving the coach an actual award– something they can proudly display for all to see at their home or place of employment on the wall, a desk or a mantle.


Awards & More offers several great coach awards, from fun (silver bobble head figures with gold trim on an antique gold base) to the more serious (the “Legend Coach Award” with its raised, 3D look). There’s also the beautiful full-color resin “Coach Sport Award,” mounted on a black finish base with room for an engraving plate or the “Coach Multi Color Sport Resin Figure,” a 5 inch tall award showcasing coaching icons like a whistle, hat and banner across the face of the award proclaiming “Coach.”


It’s always a great idea to personalize an award by engraving the name of the coach and perhaps the team name and another line or two about the season, as the award will likely be proudly displayed for many years to come. Awards & More offers engraving if needed.



Tips for Writing an Acceptance Speech After Wining an Award

Acceptance Speech


Awards & More helps people recognize high achievements with personalized trophies, plaques, crystal awards, engraved gifts and other items. When people receive awards, they’re often called upon to give a speech. Here are some tips for giving an award-winning speech.


First, people love to hear stories. We live in a storytelling culture. Therefore, a speech is often well-received when it involves personal stories that are kept general enough so as not to reveal too many personal details, but open enough to get everyone to pay close attention. With stories, there’s a quick introduction, rising action, suspense, climax, diminishing action, and resolution. A well-told story takes listeners on a journey and keeps them captivated– after all, people want to hear how the story ends, right? Definitely.


Next, the better you look giving your speech, the better the speech will be. Dress for success, show confidence, use gestures, and, if the event calls for it, wear a suit or dress that stands out from the crowd. Remember that much of communication is nonverbal, and how you look and act while delivering your speech is sometimes even more important than the words you say!


Ideally, you’ll want to know and understand your audience well enough to give them what they want and can relate to. A great speaker shows empathy toward their audience, connecting with them so everyone in the room–ideally– feels included and accepted.


An award-winning speech is often practiced beforehand. Even something as simple as saying it in front of your bathroom mirror at home is a good idea. It’s also a good idea to go to the venue where the speech will be given and test out the equipment beforehand to make sure it’s in fine working order. When the microphone and/or screen presentation work as intended, a speech goes much better than when they don’t.


Finally, short speeches seem to be more appreciated than long-winded ones. In general, try and keep your speech to less than five minutes.



Types of Baseball Awards to Present at a Banquet

Baseball Banquet AwardsAwards & More is the perfect place to get baseball awards to present at a banquet. There are so many cool and interesting designs to choose from, including trophies and resin figures and even bobbleheads.


When you think of baseball, what are some of the things you’d name that the sport itself is known for? How about baseball mitts, baseballs, bats, helmets and jerseys? These are all elements of baseball which are incorporated into the various baseball awards from Awards & More. In addition, some of the awards are 3D, quite colorful, and/or include stars– quite the attention-getters.


To honor beginners, Awards & More has T-Ball awards made with a highly polished wood base. The youth T-Ball players are shown with their bat fully extended and ready to hit the baseball off of the “T” to get that hit. Available in both male and female versions, they stand 7 inches tall and come in a pewter tone finish. The base on these awards has plenty of room for whatever your personalization needs may be.


For an outstanding pitcher, consider the action pose antique bronze baseball pitcher figure on a black finish base. A catcher could receive the mitt/glove award.


One of the more unique items is the elegant-yet-affordable crystal baseball sport award with its 3D lasered profile of a sport figure on it, a frosted baseball top, and a deluxe velour-lined presentation box.


Plaques always work well at baseball banquets, and Awards & More has a nice baseball resin plaque in pewter and gold with room for an engraving plate. And, of course, there are always the traditional baseball trophies, which many older people still have from when they played on a team in their youth.


Definitely browse the Awards & More website to see the many different baseball awards offered— there’s seemingly something for every taste.



Why Secretaries Are a Tremendous Asset to Businesses


It has been said that secretaries often know their fellow workers’ daily routines better than their spouses. Think about it: secretaries spend many waking hours at work with “the boss” and fellow workers, getting to know details about both their professional and personal lives in a way that essentially holds the office together. Want to get to a boss? The road to the boss goes through their secretary, who often acts as chief gatekeeper for the business or organization.


Secretaries are vital to businesses because they do so much– everything from answer phones to handle emails and mail. Secretaries are often the first to greet visitors, and they find themselves answering all sorts of questions daily. In addition, they know where everything is, they know how to use computers and office equipment, and they do their best to meet the needs of all those who request something of them.


If you know of a secretary who you would consider to be an “office miracle worker,” you should recognize them with an award or gift from Awards & More. There are several beautiful, thoughtful ways to show your appreciation, including clocks, pens, globes, vases, and paperweights.


Awards & More can custom engrave products with the message of your choice, so you can let your secretary know how much you appreciate their assistance. In particular, consider the elegant Burlwood and Rosewood piano finish desk clock with pens set. That would look nice on their desk. Also, Awards & More offers a gorgeous glass award globe with a striking blue and white sea anemone design on a black glass base. This award globe has a laser engravable aluminum plate. Packaged in satin-lined, padded gift boxes, each piece of Awards & More’s art glass is made by hand, with air bubbles and color variations. Should you give your secretary flowers, consider placing them in a sleek cylinder shaped vase (or the more graceful Erika Vase) available on the Awards & More website. Finally, if “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” then Awards & More’s diamond paper weight is a superb way to show your female secretary that she shines like a diamond in all she does.


Browse the Awards & More website to find the perfect award and/or gift for your secretary. Or call 860-741-2345 to ask for advice and/or order over the phone.



End the School Year with a Bang: Ribbons and Certificates for Student Motivation


Once students get their first whiff of the summer ahead, it can be hard to keep them focused. You might see it in their eyes on that first really nice day outside, or on a Monday morning after a weekend of staying up late and having fun with friends. At the same time, the home stretch is the most important time of the year, when students should be studying hard to validate everything they’ve learned throughout the year with final exams and projects.


What many students really need this time of year is a healthy dose of that old stand-by—positive reinforcement. If you’re a great teacher, there’s a good chance you’ve already been relying on this strategy. Maybe you’ve given them a week off of homework after a great test, or a pizza party to celebrate a special occasion. Teachers understand that rewarding students for good behavior is an effective way to keep them motivated.


Now that we’re nearing the end of a school year, it’s time to go big. Now is the chance to reward your best students for an entire year of hard work and immense learning. There’s only one prize that’s up to the huge task of memorializing such a feat—a high-grade ribbon or certificate with the student’s own name etched right on. The final burst of pride they’ll feel when presented with a formal recognition of their success will be just enough to push them across the finish line. After looking at such an award all summer, the student will also be more likely to return to school just as motivated next year.


Now is not the time to pack things up and finish the year with a whimpering sigh of relief. Now is the time to recognize everyone who has grown in the classroom. Whether you present each passing student a ribbon or have custom certificates created for different categories, you’ll take a moment to show your students not only that you care, but that they should care as well. While you’re at it, you should customize a teacher’s award for yourself. You deserve it as much as anyone!


Whether you’re looking to motivate your students with a customized ribbon, certificate, or even a full-blown trophy for the highest achievers, Awards & More will produce accurate awards with the highest quality and level of service your honorees deserve.