Highschool Memories



Enfield is my hometown and although I broke away for a couple years to South Florida, I returned to the place I had spent my childhood. I also returned to the business I had grown up in.
Flash forward, almost 20 years out of high school, now grown with children of my own and something happened recently that made me reflect. A great high school friend came in to purchase trophies for his son’s soccer team. WOW! Talk about flashback. How cool was it, that this person whom I shared amazing high school memories with, is now a Dad and has kids of his own. And he’s shopping in our store and supporting his local community and a longtime friend. I guess my point is that while it feels good to shop local, it feels really great to WORK local too.


Serve up some memorable gifts for Dad

It’s that time of year, Father’s Day is just around the corner. I know in our house, getting Out of the house is the plan. So this year we go camping! A whole family adventure, including our boxer. And once again, I will be scrambling around last minute for an overpriced card that shouts “You Da Man!” or plays “For he’s a jolly good fellow” when you open it. Why do we force ourselves to participate in this cringe worthy tradition!  Now don’t get me wrong, there are some super cute cards out there today. Companies are getting creative with mixed media, using wood or even stone materials to impress the recipient. But these cards are EIGHT bucks a piece!

Stop wasting time, money and brain power on these cards and come see us at Awards & More. We can work with you to pick out, design and engrave the Perfect Father’s Day gift. A thoughtful, intentional gift that is easy, fast and affordable. Skip the card, and put the sentiment right on the gift. Choose from a large variety of personalized decor or go more practical with a gift that can be used everyday. Here are just a few ideas to get the gears turning.

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Personalized MAN CAVE sign for Dad’s getaway


A frame featuring multi generations.

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A travel mug for early morning coffee or afternoon energy.

Ship rope knot on old wooden texture background

 A money clip complete with his name.

Stop in to see us Monday – Friday at Awards & More, 492 Enfield Street Enfield, CT 06082

visit us on the web at www.awards-more.com  

or send me an email for ideas, pricing and designs at [email protected]

Make the Dorm feel like Home

Do you have a student starting college this September? Have you begun working down the dorm room checklist? I remember the summer before my first semester at college. Back then I think it was Pace, not Costco that had us buying cheetos by the bulk. Picking out sheets, towels, laundry detergent. Everything I needed to thrive on my own, as an adult.
One thing you may not have thought of but that can make a huge difference is dorm room decor. Just a few small items, cleverly placed, can make any room feel like home. Our lath boxes are the perfect size for just this thing. Most measure about 6″x8″ and can be displayed on a shelf, table or nightstand. Or, hang a few up in a group on the wall. Either way, they can be just what your student needs when that home sick feeling creeps in. Pick one with an inspirational note or one that makes you laugh. You can’t go wrong with any of our choices. Add a coaster for those many cups of coffee and magnet for the mini fridge and you have the perfect “Off to School” gift for the scholar in your life. See these additional items below that would be great in any home or dorm room. To order or for more details, email me at [email protected]

Gift Ideas for a Chef or Pit Master

Gift IdeasAwards & More has unique gift ideas for a chef or BBQ pit master in your life. What better way to say thank you for a great meal than to get them a sculpture/award with their name on it, right?

Just like athletes receive trophies for excelling at sports, food preparers should receive a token of appreciation from foodies who love the creative concoctions they make over a hot stove or charcoal fire.

Awards & More offers a nice variety of gifts for the chef or barbeque guy or gal in your life. Resin sculptures available include the BBQ Chef, Bib Cooker and a general Chef that comes in both male and female versions. These sculptures feature a rosewood colored base, and would look nice prominently displayed in a chef’s kitchen or on their back patio near the grill.

For those of you who know someone who uses a BBQ grill/smoker, consider getting the Legend BBQ Grill oval award from Awards & More. When you give this black and gold award with its raised, 3D look, you’re sure to please the BBQ griller/smoker in your life. You can even add their name to it at the bottom. The person who receives this award has the option to hang it on a wall or place it on a desk or table using the included stand.

Other creative gifts from Awards & More include the full color BBQ Smoker resin sculpture, with room for engraving, as well as the Chef Hat sculpture and the Chili Pot sculpture. Any of these items would work well for a person you know who likes to prepare food for others to enjoy. These items acknowledge your appreciation for all the work they put into cooking things like meat, chili and more.

Find the perfect gift for your favorite chef or BBQ pit master here: http://www.awards-more.com/awards/funny-miscellanous-awards/vs6sP6qgXd25r1/


Earn Brownie Points With the Perfect Gift For Your Boss

Boss's Day Did you know Boss’s Day is observed in the U.S., Canada, and Lithuania? Not sure how Lithuania got involved, but suffice it to say anywhere there are bosses, there’s likely some sort of day to celebrate them.


In the U.S., Boss’s Day is typically observed on or around October 16. In 2016, it’s October 17, which is a Monday, since most people wouldn’t be working at an office job on the weekend. Anyway, Boss’s Day is a day to thank the boss for being good or great to you and your fellow employees.


Boss’s Day got its modern-day start around 1958 when a secretary working for an insurance company in Illinois wanted to honor her boss. She picked October 16 since it happened to be her father’s birthday, in case you were wondering how the date got chosen. Oh– she was working for her father at the time. By 1962, the governor of Illinois officially proclaimed the day. Then, in 1979, Hallmark Cards started offering Boss’s Day cards, and from there it really took off.


Besides being celebrated in the U.S., Canada and Lithuania, as mentioned before, Boss’s Day is not limited to those three countries. There are Boss’s Days in Australia, India, Ireland, and Egypt as well.


If you would like to honor your boss this Boss’s Day, or perhaps for their birthday or some other special occasion, Awards & More offers a nice variety of customizable executive gifts. How about a nice Globe Pen Set? This elegant spinning, frosted world globe comes with a silver pen and business card holder on a black finish base, and can be presented to your boss in a deluxe velour-lined presentation box. There’s also the elegant crystal diamond-shaped paper weight, which can be laser etched with your boss’s name on it. Finally, consider the American walnut book clock with its laser engravable solid brass plate which can handle up to 40 letters.


To browse Awards & More’s executive gifts, here’s the link: