Faux Stone and Acrylic Plaque

Traditionally, you may see a plaque presented with a brass plate that sits on top of a wooden board. While still a top seller, we are starting to see new materials being used. One of our customer favorites is our Faux Stone and Acrylic plaque. The faux stone is gray and looks like a real slab of chiseled stone. An acrylic floating plaque sits on top and makes a stunning contrast to the stone. Engraved logos and text engrave on the acrylic to a beautiful white finish which creates a unique alternative to traditional brass engraved plates. This plaque would make an impressive presentation to honor a Home Contractor or to thank a building supply company for their sponsorship, just to name a few.

Available in two sizes, 8″ x 10″ and 9″ x 12″. Shown here with an additional, full color logo plate. Available by request. FAP Email me today for more information or to place your order for our Faux Stone and Acrylic Plaque.                        [email protected]

Ways to Honor the Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month


Back in 2006, there was a movie called Employee of the Month, starring Dane Cook and Dax Shepard. They were rivals at a big discount store called Super Club, and the premise of the movie involved both of them trying to win the attention (and love) of the new cashier played by Jessica Simpson. The two guys competed for the store’s most coveted honor: “Employee of the Month.” Assumedly, the one who won that title won the girl.


While the two characters in the move competed for love, the truth of the matter is we all like to be recognized for a job well done, and we all have a natural need to compete, and “one-up” our colleagues. We like titles. There’s a certain pride and honor that comes with titles like “Head Cashier” or “CEO.”


Workers in many industries often compete for the title “Employee of the Month,” which usually brings with it certain privileges, like a special parking space, a gift card to a local store or restaurant, and/or bragging rights complete with their photo on the wall for all to see.


Have you ever noticed an elegant plaque on the wall of a store, restaurant, hotel or other place of business? On the plaque you’d see a photo of the “Employee of the Month” along with their name engraved on a plate near or below the picture.


Awards & More is a supplier of wall plaques to honor employees of the month. You can choose from an elegant walnut finish perpetual plaque with black brass header and 13 matching individual plates, a hand rubbed solid American walnut perpetual plaque with black/gold header and 12 matching plates in a horizontal format, or a high gloss ebony perpetual corporate plaque with black/gold header plate, 12 matching individual plates and a photo area, among others. See options here: http://www.awards-more.com/awards/photo-perpetual-plaques/vs6sP6qrqd25r1/


Why are these plaques called perpetual plaques? They are designed to hold a photograph. The photo of the monthly award recipient goes into the photo holder while the name of the winner is engraved on the plate. These plates can be changed as needed, such that the same plaque can be used for several years.


Typically, perpetual plaques hold 5” x 7” photos and have laser engravable solid brass engraving plates.


Call Awards & More at 860-741-2345 for help picking out the appropriate “Employee of the Month” plaque.



Award Ceremonies Help Motivate Employees

Employee Awards


You may not realize it yet, but the end of the year is right around the corner. We’re less than two months away from 2015, and the time to tie up loose ends at the office is coming up fast.


Feeling stressed yet? Please don’t. The end of the calendar year is not just a scary deadline looming on the horizon. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to capitalize on your company’s advantages and strengthen its position for the New Year.


How exactly will you go about doing this? Just look towards the precious staff that allows your company to prosper in the first place. The end of the year is the perfect time to present your employees with great awards that recognize how valuable they are to your business. The value of a formal awards ceremony for your employees cannot be overstated.


Any successful business owner knows how important it is to keep their employees happy and satisfied. By presenting high-level performers with high-quality awards like those at Awards & More, you can instill a strong sense of pride in your workforce. Awards ceremonies also inspire those who don’t receive awards to work hard to achieve recognition of their own.


While awards ceremonies are always beneficial to a company, the right timing can make them even more effective. The end of the year is a time of reflection, when people think more deeply about where they are in life and what changes they can make to be happier and healthier. That’s what makes yearly resolutions so popular. Instead of allowing employees to worry about whether they’re fully appreciated at work, an end-of-year awards ceremony will erase any doubt.


By setting a strong, positive example of success, an awards ceremony will invite all employees to return to work in January reinvigorated with a sense of purpose. It doesn’t take a free trip to Hawaii to show your employees how much you care about them. A personalized award can serve as a shining symbol that you and your employees can be proud of together.



Why Secretaries Are a Tremendous Asset to Businesses


It has been said that secretaries often know their fellow workers’ daily routines better than their spouses. Think about it: secretaries spend many waking hours at work with “the boss” and fellow workers, getting to know details about both their professional and personal lives in a way that essentially holds the office together. Want to get to a boss? The road to the boss goes through their secretary, who often acts as chief gatekeeper for the business or organization.


Secretaries are vital to businesses because they do so much– everything from answer phones to handle emails and mail. Secretaries are often the first to greet visitors, and they find themselves answering all sorts of questions daily. In addition, they know where everything is, they know how to use computers and office equipment, and they do their best to meet the needs of all those who request something of them.


If you know of a secretary who you would consider to be an “office miracle worker,” you should recognize them with an award or gift from Awards & More. There are several beautiful, thoughtful ways to show your appreciation, including clocks, pens, globes, vases, and paperweights.


Awards & More can custom engrave products with the message of your choice, so you can let your secretary know how much you appreciate their assistance. In particular, consider the elegant Burlwood and Rosewood piano finish desk clock with pens set. That would look nice on their desk. Also, Awards & More offers a gorgeous glass award globe with a striking blue and white sea anemone design on a black glass base. This award globe has a laser engravable aluminum plate. Packaged in satin-lined, padded gift boxes, each piece of Awards & More’s art glass is made by hand, with air bubbles and color variations. Should you give your secretary flowers, consider placing them in a sleek cylinder shaped vase (or the more graceful Erika Vase) available on the Awards & More website. Finally, if “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” then Awards & More’s diamond paper weight is a superb way to show your female secretary that she shines like a diamond in all she does.


Browse the Awards & More website to find the perfect award and/or gift for your secretary. Or call 860-741-2345 to ask for advice and/or order over the phone.



How to Honor a Long-Tenured Employee at Your Company

Honoring Employees

When you have an employee (or several employees) who has been with your company for many years, it’s only natural that you would want to honor him or her. In this day and age, being employed at one company for more than a few years is a rarity, so when you have employees who have been dedicated and committed to your organization and your cause for five, ten, fifteen years and beyond, there are several ways to show them just how much you appreciate them.


So how should you honor them? Well, there are several ways to do so, and we’re going to provide you with some ideas that will make your tenured employees understand just how much you value their contribution and service to your company.


First and foremost, acknowledge the individuals who have been with the company for an extended amount of time. Generally speaking, you should begin to acknowledge employees who have worked at your company for five years or more. Whether you have a small gathering at the office or simply send out a company-wide email congratulating and thanking those workers for their dedication, make sure you regard them in some way or other.


While this will depend on your budget (and we urge you to make one for occasions like this), think about thanking your employees with a small (or large) token of appreciation. Some gift ideas include custom gifts like engraved watches or jewelry, as well as gifts such as clocks, pen sets, paperweights and even apparel. You’d be surprised at just how much a small, but personalized gift would mean to the employee or their family.


In addition to acknowledging their service and offering a token of your appreciation, you might also consider offering incentives such as additional vacation time – believe me when we tell you your employees would love this! The little things add up, and after money, insurance plans and other benefits, it’s the little things that often dictate how long a talented individual will stay at a company.


There you have it: a few ways to honor employees that have a long tenure at your company. Looking for some great gift ideas? Be sure to check out our online catalogue!