The Benefits of Engraved Nameplates

NameplatesNameplates are used to identify and display a person or product’s name. Typically, they’re rectangular in shape and used for both informative and commercial purposes. Nameplates appear on doors, walls, and, perhaps most commonly, desktops. Some contain a name only, while others communicate both a name and a title.


Engraved nameplates indicate that a person has either been at the office a while and/or plans to stay there for years. You don’t give an engraved nameplate to interns. You give them to committed workers. They are a professional way of showing visitors and co-workers who is who and who does what.


Nameplates are identifiers. Imagine someone– a stranger– walking into an office environment with a question. The first thing they should see is a person’s engraved nameplate. Then, knowing the name of that person behind the desk, they’ll feel a little more comfortable talking to them, as it’s always nice to put a name with the face.


Have you ever been in an awkward office conversation with someone where you didn’t know their name? “Hey you” doesn’t sound as nice as “Hello Mr. Johnson.” Thank goodness for nameplates: helping make social situations less awkward, right?


Engraved nameplates from Awards & More can be personalized with any inscription. They come with two-sided plaque tape for proper display, and they are durable, long-lasting ways to identify “who’s who” in an office environment.


Paper labels can easily be torn or faded, whereas engraved nameplates have more permanence. Able to withstand UV exposure, water, chemicals and scratches, engraved nameplates are a smart way to label and/or identify people (and things) in a room.


Awards & More offers two pages of nameplates to choose from:


Popular color combinations include black and gold or black and silver, using brass or aluminum plates. Awards & More offers affordable engraved nameplates.