Reasons to Plan a Family Reunion This Summer

Family ReunionIf you’re like most people these days, you have relatives who live far away from you. In the old days, families might all live in the same city, or even on the same block, such that adults and kids, uncles, aunts, cousins, and more would gather together for both major and minor occasions for parties and such.

These days, we’re lucky if we know our neighbors, let alone even see all of our family members once a year. That said, having a family reunion is a great way to bring together people from near and far for a time of eating, playing games, talking, relaxing and bonding.

As an example, some families choose to have a reunion over the course of one weekend every two years. The reunion is held in the hometown of one family member one time, followed by another place the next time, so that it’s done on a rotating basis and hosting duties are spread out over time. So, in 2016 it could be in Massachusetts, 2018 in New York, 2020 in Virginia and 2022 in California. This method works well. Reunions can be held at a person’s home or at a park or resort.

No matter how and when you plan a family reunion, one thing that adds to the fun of festivities is having family competitions complete with ribbons, custom awards and/or medals from Awards & More. Who is the fastest runner in a race you have down the driveway? Who is the best dancer? Who is the best cook? Awards & More offers a variety of ribbons, custom awards and/or medals to highlight family members during your reunion! These tokens of appreciation will then end up on the shelves of various family members’ homes serving as nice mementos of time spent together at the wonderful family reunion.