Faux Stone and Acrylic Plaque

Traditionally, you may see a plaque presented with a brass plate that sits on top of a wooden board. While still a top seller, we are starting to see new materials being used. One of our customer favorites is our Faux Stone and Acrylic plaque. The faux stone is gray and looks like a real slab of chiseled stone. An acrylic floating plaque sits on top and makes a stunning contrast to the stone. Engraved logos and text engrave on the acrylic to a beautiful white finish which creates a unique alternative to traditional brass engraved plates. This plaque would make an impressive presentation to honor a Home Contractor or to thank a building supply company for their sponsorship, just to name a few.

Available in two sizes, 8″ x 10″ and 9″ x 12″. Shown here with an additional, full color logo plate. Available by request. FAP Email me today for more information or to place your order for our Faux Stone and Acrylic Plaque.                        [email protected]

Bring on the Fantasy!!!

We are just over a week a way from the start of the 2016 NFL season. So of course that means we are just over a week away from the start of the 2016 Fantasy Football season. Ahhh, something about football season makes me excited. The chill in the air, the lazy couch Sundays, the gatherings with friends over wings and beer. So much to look forward to. And this year, like that past 2, we are finalizing our teams in the “Awards & More Fantasy Football League” I had a newborn and a 1.5 year old last year so I wasn’t able to dig my heels in like the previous year, which only has lit a fire in me. “Victorious Secret” is out for blood! Keep posted here with our weekly updates and league standings.

Fantasy Football

With any good Fantasy Football league, you MUST have a trophy. Now we have seen all kinds, from toilet seats to bull balls so there is nothing that will surprise us. Start thinking now, from a champion’s perspective. What do YOU want to win? Do you want to see your name on a golden cup? Or maybe you want your picture on a plaque? How about a top notch, quality Championship Belt?? Not like the others you have seen on the internet. These are stunning in person and take the title of Champion to a whole other level.Championshop Belt

Stop in to see one in our store or email me for pictures and pricing. [email protected]

Whatever you do, plan today for a great season tomorrow. Happy Fantasizing!

Click here to see all our Fantasy Football Awards



Ways to Show Appreciation to your Child’s Coach

Awards for Coaches A coach is someone who gives of their time, talent and energy to help bring together a bunch of people to achieve a goal. Ideally, the coach helps motivate and instruct a team to win a game. Little league baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, and swimming are just some of the sports where the coach plays an important role.


If you’re a parent and your kid is involved in organized sports, what do you get their coach to say thanks for a good season? Coaches are like most people in that they appreciate recognition for a job well done. Perhaps give them a gift card for dinner to a local restaurant and/or a thank you letter signed by each member of the team with a line or two telling the coach what made them special. Better yet, consider giving the coach an actual award– something they can proudly display for all to see at their home or place of employment on the wall, a desk or a mantle.


Awards & More offers several great coach awards, from fun (silver bobble head figures with gold trim on an antique gold base) to the more serious (the “Legend Coach Award” with its raised, 3D look). There’s also the beautiful full-color resin “Coach Sport Award,” mounted on a black finish base with room for an engraving plate or the “Coach Multi Color Sport Resin Figure,” a 5 inch tall award showcasing coaching icons like a whistle, hat and banner across the face of the award proclaiming “Coach.”


It’s always a great idea to personalize an award by engraving the name of the coach and perhaps the team name and another line or two about the season, as the award will likely be proudly displayed for many years to come. Awards & More offers engraving if needed.



Further Defense of Participation Trophies


Some kids aren’t too athletic. But they still relish the chance to be part of a team. Sports are, whether we like it or not, very important to most people, including parents and their kids. Indeed, many kids end up playing soccer or baseball or football or basketball because an older person– be it their older brother or sister, parent, uncle or even grandparent, encourages them to do so.

And one of the most memorable things a young person can do is join a sports team, practice, play games, and win…or lose. The question that has been asked for decades now is this: should every kid who participates in sports get a trophy?

Some will say, “No way! Only the top winners!” Others will argue, “Everyone matters, and everyone should get a trophy to show they were committed to a team.”

At issue is whether or not to merely celebrate the big winners or to celebrate everyone involved in a team, win or lose.

By giving everyone a trophy, you’re saying sports are about more than just winners and losers; you’re saying the commitment of being on a team is valued. Later on in life the kids will see how this plays out in school and in the workforce, as so many projects and jobs are ultimately about teamwork in order to achieve goals.

Participation trophies serve as reminders to kids that they were a part of something greater than themselves. They look nice on the mantle in the living room or on the bookshelf in their bedroom. Trophies can also help build enthusiasm for the next season and the season after that…after all, a trophy is one of those things that helps symbolize the good feelings one gets from playing team sports.


Awards & More has many sport trophy designs to choose from, with a nice variety of figures, bases, columns, trim and backdrops to choose from; to order trophies, call Awards & More at 860-741-2345.



James Harrison Has It Wrong About Participation Trophies

Participation TrophiesTrophies. We all love to receive them. Hey, it’s nice being recognized, isn’t it? We live in a strange world, where we’re bombarded with self-interests at every turn, whether it is the reality shows that we watch on TV or the selfies we see on social media. The idea of the self and gratification go hand in hand when we take a good, hard look at our current society. Not that that’s a bad thing – far from it, but some people believe that we’ve become a society accustomed to receiving awards – the participation trophy syndrome, let’s call it. Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison hates them and wants to return his sons’ trophies, according to this Boston Herald article.


The AP reports, “The 2008 NFL Defensive Player of the Year took to Instagram on Saturday Night to say he was returning two awards his sons James III and Henry received from a local athletics event run by former Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch.”


Yes, a father wanting to return trophies that his young sons received. While that’s his prerogative as a father, don’t you think it’s a little harsh? Harrison said, “These trophies will be given back until they EARN a real trophy…cause sometimes your best is not enough, and that should drive you to want to do better.”


While we can certainly agree with the idea that we want young people to do better, we think they need that little extra oomph when it comes to performing better. Participation trophies are a gateway drug to more success. Once people get a taste of recognition and success, they will want more – better trophies equal better performances. Mr. Harrison, we respectfully disagree with you.




Tips for Commemorating a Championship


Kids love superheroes and champions. They look up to them. Whether it’s Superman or NFL football players, kids have a wide-eyed enthusiasm for those who achieve great things against all odds. Come to think of it, we all do– people of all ages.


To be a champion is to feel a sense of accomplishment. If you were ever on a team, you know what it feels like to win games as well as lose them. Ideally, you’d want to win as many games as possible. Ultimately, one of the goals of playing sports is to win the big championship game. Many youngsters today are playing soccer, baseball, basketball, football and other youth sports, and when their team wins…it’s time to celebrate!


In order to properly commemorate a championship, team leaders should put together a congratulatory banquet complete with a nice meal, some inspiring speeches, and, of course, trophies. What kid wouldn’t like a trophy with their name on it to proudly display on a shelf in their room?


Awards & More is in the business of “recognizing the good things in life,” and when you want to show team players you’re proud of them, consider giving them award cup trophies– custom engraved for each player.


Made of metal, with a silver or gold coloring and a solid marble base, Awards & More’s cup trophies look great at team banquets, celebrations and parties. Imagine the smiles on those who receive them for having played well and having been part of a winning team.

Order your trophies from Awards & More; call 860-741-2345 today to discuss options.


End Fantasy Football Season Right With A Great Award

Fantasy Football

Anyone who’s a fan of football knows that now is the most exciting time of the year—that is, if your favorite team happened to make it into the playoffs. For fantasy football owners, however, the season has already been over for a few weeks.


These days, it seems like everyone and their grandmother participates on some level in fantasy football. In fact, many people keep track of multiple leagues at once—perhaps one with friends, one with colleagues, and another with family. Most are now wallowing in disappointment, having been unable to claim the glory of this year’s championship. There’s always next year.


Still, the most well run fantasy leagues take advantage of the end of each season as a time to get together and celebrate. After all, fantasy football is really just a great way to keep in touch with old friends and family while engaging in friendly competition. Now is your chance to get together one last time, share some snacks and drinks with football on TV, and congratulate this year’s winner.


Of course, it’s also your last chance to bring up that one week where your team was robbed by a pass interference call, or to point out that even though you were eliminated from the playoffs, your team scored more points on the season than the champ’s.


Nothing buries the hatchet and commemorates a great season better than a professional quality fantasy football trophy for your league. Some leagues like to pass around the same trophy year after year, etching into it each year’s champion. Other leagues have a new trophy created each year so that the champ can hold and cherish it forever. Here at Awards and More, we have a variety of custom fantasy football awards, some prestigious and serious, others light and funny. We even carry a Toilet Bowl award for those who choose to celebrate the worst of the bunch.


Fantasy football has become a pretty serious endeavor for many owners, but let’s not forget about why we do it in the first place. During this year’s playoff excitement, take a chance to get together, reminisce on the season. Once the trophy’s been presented to this year’s winner, your league can move on to trash-talking for the next.





Awards & More enters the world of Fantasy

Fantasy football is easily becoming the most popular game played in the US. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (fsta.org) 31 million working age Americans play Fantasy Football, spending $15 billion in the process. Let’s put that into perspective, shall we?

31 million people, that’s like the entire population of Georgia, Michigan and North Carolina together.

And $15 Billion!!

– If put into a pile it would weigh 16.5 tons.

– If lined up, each dollar, end to end it would circle the Earth 600 times (www.matadornetwork.com)

and even more impressive, $15 Billion could buy you the recipe for Coca Cola Classic.  Now that’s a lot of moola!!!

Each year, we have customers come in with their exotic, rare, impressive and sometimes SCARY Fantasy Football trophies to be engraved with the winner’s ( and sometimes Loser’s) name.  Each trophy tells a story. Each trophy is the sought after, elusive prize piece that every “team manager” strives for. The trophy, and of course the bragging rights for the year. I love waiting on these customers and hearing the crazy names artfully chosen for teams. So we decided to join in the fun.

We have formed our own Awards & More Fantasy Football league.  12 teams signed up, draft day scheduled and antsy fingers awaiting for selections and trades.  Right here, we intend to bring you weekly updates, statistics on how our teams are doing.  Weekly prizes will be awarded for various triumphs and upsets throughout the season. And the overall winner receives a prize package of over $100, name on the Winner’s Trophy and bragging rights for the year.

Stay tuned to our blog, Facebook and website to keep updated and see who takes it all at the end. And of course you will see me there, make sure you root for “Victorious Secret”














Protect your stuff with a Display Case

Display cases are exactly what the name suggests: a case that displays an item. Usually when we want to show off something, it goes into a display case.  Some of our most prized possessions wind up in them.  Items such as trophies and awards, antiques, autographed memorabilia, and sports balls find their way into display cases.  However, showing off isn’t the only reason why we use them.


Display cases keep our prized possessions in mint condition, and this is important to ensure the item retains the most sentimental and monetary value.   When we seal up items behind them, dust and moisture are prevented from going inside, as well as air.  This prevents things like erosion, dis-coloring, oxidation, and disfiguring to name a few.  You can order display cases that are custom made for the exact object that you are trying to store and show off.  This will allow maximum protection of the object.  It’s also important to keep the case away from areas that are affected by extreme temperature changes and sunlight, like windows for example.  Other bad places to put the cases are kitchens, near air conditioners, and near heating sources.



Display cases serve a dual purpose in this way.  Along with boasting valuable possessions that you would want others to see, they are also keeping them protected from the test of time.  As mentioned before, you can order custom display cases for just about any object.  Some common ones are cases for sports balls, cases for trophies, cases for autographed objects, as well as antiques, medals, and even flags.  You can also get different cases for different balls like footballs, basketballs, baseballs, and soccer balls.



Display cases are a great to preserve our valuable memories.  And in this way, you can display them for many more years to come.



Cinco K Mayo, quite possibly the best 5K ever!

While it might be difficult to imagine now, we are actually in spring and heading towards warmer weather.  Ahhh, spring flowers, birds chirping and race season is upon us. Runners are stretching their legs and tying up their sneakers to head out to the roads and begin 5K, 10K, ½ marathnon and marathon training.  As having run a few myself, a 10K at the most, road races are a Great time! You get to exercise outside, motivated by the amount of fellow people and then at the end, you celebrate with some free food, sometimes drinks and music and you get to socialize with other people who share your same interest in running.  What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  One race that particularly stands out is the Enfield Rotary Club’s Cinco K Mayo.

2013 Cinco K Mayo



Now I’m a huge fan of Cinco de Mayo, the 5th of May when we celebrate Mexico and Mexican heritage and indulge in all the tasty treats and drinks it offers. Then to pair this great celebration with a nice 5K run before…..Bam, you got a party!  This 5k is put on the Saturday before Cinco De Mayo on May 3rd and held at our local HS.  The course is a nice, flat, fast course, timed with individual timing chips and has certification.  Many local companies come out to support as sponsors and participants. We follow the race up with a DJ on grounds  and an award ceremony where we present medals and cash prizes. But that’s not even the end! We then go to a local Mexican restaurant where we ENDULGE, and gain back all the calories we just burnt off! I have to say, this is my favorite part.  Margaritas, chips and salsa, taquitos you name it. Each year, our race grows bigger with more people eager to participate and we hope this year will be the same.  It’s a great chance for community to come together, get moving and get socializing.  If you are in the area and are looking for a fun day in May, check out the link below for the Enfield Rotary Club’s Cinco K Mayo, Saturday May 3rd at Fermi High School in Enfield, CT.



Throwing a race of your own and need ideas for awards?  Check out some of the great new medals that have been created for all race sizes.  Personalize them with your own logo or pick from any of our different styles.  Recognize the good things in life with a memento from a race this season!

Perfect fit for your 5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon and Full Marathon

Call, email or stop into Awards & More for your trophy, plaque and engraving needs


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