Gift Ideas for the Wine Connoisseur in Your Life



Awards & More recognizes the good things in life and offers several gift ideas for wine lovers.


For instance, Awards & More can enhance a bottle of wine with custom bottle etching. It’s a nice way to personalize a full or empty bottle with a company logo or special design.


Decanters are used to pour wine. They also aerate the wine and isolate sediment. Awards & More’s Essence Wine Decanter has a refined shape with a punt within the base and a wine funnel for catching sediment. It’s imported from Europe and made of machine-blown, lead-free glass. Awards & More’s Veritas Decanter features a wide bottom and an elliptical mouth. Made of mouth-blown glass, this quality piece is gorgeous. Both styles of decanters can be personalized with etched logos and/or designs, helping personalize them as gifts.


Wine stoppers are fancier than all-too-common cork stoppers. Awards & More’s Rosetta Wine Stopper is a crystal masterpiece that can be customized with an etched logo or design. Awards & More also offers a Crystal Bottle Stopper that comes in a deluxe velour-lined presentation box. It makes a particularly attractive gift for the wine lover in your life.


Awards & More offers several customizable long-stemmed wine glasses going by pretty names like “Angela” and “Monique.” Casual stemless glasses made from lead-free glass are also available. They feature fine rims, thin walls and a delicate feel.


When a person wants to have a party and serve their red or white wine in a sparkling carafe, Awards & More has one that can be etched to personalize it.


A beautiful way to hold and present a wine bottle is Awards & More’s wine cradle. This unique item allows the bottle to float at an angle ensuring the cork stays moist. Made from jade crystal, the wine cradle has a sleek and elegant look that will surely get people talking.


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