Earn Brownie Points With the Perfect Gift For Your Boss

April 13th, 2016

Boss's Day Did you know Boss’s Day is observed in the U.S., Canada, and Lithuania? Not sure how Lithuania got involved, but suffice it to say anywhere there are bosses, there’s likely some sort of day to celebrate them.


In the U.S., Boss’s Day is typically observed on or around October 16. In 2016, it’s October 17, which is a Monday, since most people wouldn’t be working at an office job on the weekend. Anyway, Boss’s Day is a day to thank the boss for being good or great to you and your fellow employees.


Boss’s Day got its modern-day start around 1958 when a secretary working for an insurance company in Illinois wanted to honor her boss. She picked October 16 since it happened to be her father’s birthday, in case you were wondering how the date got chosen. Oh– she was working for her father at the time. By 1962, the governor of Illinois officially proclaimed the day. Then, in 1979, Hallmark Cards started offering Boss’s Day cards, and from there it really took off.


Besides being celebrated in the U.S., Canada and Lithuania, as mentioned before, Boss’s Day is not limited to those three countries. There are Boss’s Days in Australia, India, Ireland, and Egypt as well.


If you would like to honor your boss this Boss’s Day, or perhaps for their birthday or some other special occasion, Awards & More offers a nice variety of customizable executive gifts. How about a nice Globe Pen Set? This elegant spinning, frosted world globe comes with a silver pen and business card holder on a black finish base, and can be presented to your boss in a deluxe velour-lined presentation box. There’s also the elegant crystal diamond-shaped paper weight, which can be laser etched with your boss’s name on it. Finally, consider the American walnut book clock with its laser engravable solid brass plate which can handle up to 40 letters.


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