End Fantasy Football Season Right With A Great Award

January 5th, 2015
Fantasy Football

Anyone who’s a fan of football knows that now is the most exciting time of the year—that is, if your favorite team happened to make it into the playoffs. For fantasy football owners, however, the season has already been over for a few weeks.


These days, it seems like everyone and their grandmother participates on some level in fantasy football. In fact, many people keep track of multiple leagues at once—perhaps one with friends, one with colleagues, and another with family. Most are now wallowing in disappointment, having been unable to claim the glory of this year’s championship. There’s always next year.


Still, the most well run fantasy leagues take advantage of the end of each season as a time to get together and celebrate. After all, fantasy football is really just a great way to keep in touch with old friends and family while engaging in friendly competition. Now is your chance to get together one last time, share some snacks and drinks with football on TV, and congratulate this year’s winner.


Of course, it’s also your last chance to bring up that one week where your team was robbed by a pass interference call, or to point out that even though you were eliminated from the playoffs, your team scored more points on the season than the champ’s.


Nothing buries the hatchet and commemorates a great season better than a professional quality fantasy football trophy for your league. Some leagues like to pass around the same trophy year after year, etching into it each year’s champion. Other leagues have a new trophy created each year so that the champ can hold and cherish it forever. Here at Awards and More, we have a variety of custom fantasy football awards, some prestigious and serious, others light and funny. We even carry a Toilet Bowl award for those who choose to celebrate the worst of the bunch.


Fantasy football has become a pretty serious endeavor for many owners, but let’s not forget about why we do it in the first place. During this year’s playoff excitement, take a chance to get together, reminisce on the season. Once the trophy’s been presented to this year’s winner, your league can move on to trash-talking for the next.





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