Etched Bottles of Wine Make a Tremendous Gift

May 8th, 2014


Awards & More offers a number of unique gift items and ideas, one of which is bottle etching.


While it’s common to bring a bottle of wine to people’s homes and parties as a gift, it’s not every day that they receive a bottle etched with their name on it, right? Most times the wine gets drunk and the bottle thrown away or recycled. However, having Awards & More etch a person’s name or a personal greeting/design on a bottle of wine makes it a special keepsake—the kind they’ll cherish for years to come.


There are many good times to give a personalized, etched bottle as a gift:
–as a present for the newly married couple
–as a housewarming present for the person who just bought a new house
–as a congratulatory gift for the person who got a nice job promotion
–as a way to celebrate someone’s engagement
–as a memento for finally finishing a big project after all that hard work


Wine bottles—empty or filled—can be etched with personal names and/or messages by Awards & More. In addition, bottles of any kind (not just wine) can be enhanced with Awards & More’s etching service. Some companies even have their company logo etched onto bottles to give away as gifts—why not, right?


If you’re not sure what kind of design or greeting you want on a bottle, don’t worry, because Awards & More has several designs to choose from. Call 860-741-2345 to discuss bottle etchings.



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