Fantasy Football Wrapup: El Rooster takes the title

February 2nd, 2018

Another terrific season of Fantasy Football has wrapped and Awards & More is now feverishly keeping up with the influx of Fantasy Football Championship trophies, each needing a new winner’s name added.  Superbowl is just around the corner and folks are planning their holiday feasts and calling fives on their preferred seating for the big game.

We have our very own champion to announce as well. El Rooster (Everett D.) has taken the title this year as the Champion of the Awards & More Fantasy Football League. It was a close season with Steelers Sixcess (Jacquelyn G.) coming in second and Make America Gronk (Kevin S.) coming in third.

They all played a great game and commend them for their wins.  Congrats to you!!  Oh, if you are wondering, I came in 9th. I try to even out the score and take a lesser place. That way everyone has a fair and fun time, LOL!!


Champion Everett D. featured with the A&M Championship belt and trophy

Thanks to all our players for their participation. A Fantasy Football league is only as good as it’s players and we have some of the best.  We come together from all over the country to share in a common interest and hobby. It doesn’t matter who we are, what we do, how much we make, what gender/race/sexual preference we may have. What matters is that we are here for football, we are here to have fun, and we are here to win. Love, passion and the competitive spirit is what this really is all about. Let’s not forget that and we will see ya at the Super Bowl!!

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