Further Defense of Participation Trophies

November 6th, 2015

Some kids aren’t too athletic. But they still relish the chance to be part of a team. Sports are, whether we like it or not, very important to most people, including parents and their kids. Indeed, many kids end up playing soccer or baseball or football or basketball because an older person– be it their older brother or sister, parent, uncle or even grandparent, encourages them to do so.

And one of the most memorable things a young person can do is join a sports team, practice, play games, and win…or lose. The question that has been asked for decades now is this: should every kid who participates in sports get a trophy?

Some will say, “No way! Only the top winners!” Others will argue, “Everyone matters, and everyone should get a trophy to show they were committed to a team.”

At issue is whether or not to merely celebrate the big winners or to celebrate everyone involved in a team, win or lose.

By giving everyone a trophy, you’re saying sports are about more than just winners and losers; you’re saying the commitment of being on a team is valued. Later on in life the kids will see how this plays out in school and in the workforce, as so many projects and jobs are ultimately about teamwork in order to achieve goals.

Participation trophies serve as reminders to kids that they were a part of something greater than themselves. They look nice on the mantle in the living room or on the bookshelf in their bedroom. Trophies can also help build enthusiasm for the next season and the season after that…after all, a trophy is one of those things that helps symbolize the good feelings one gets from playing team sports.


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