Happy Thanksgiving!

November 21st, 2017

Thanksgiving has got to be my favorite holiday. There is no pressure to buy gifts but just as much food and family as Christmas. It’s a low pressure, low stress holiday for me. Last year at this time, my husband and I were battling two sick toddlers. Running noses, tears, cuddles and sleep. This year, we are healthy and happy and excited to eat some turkey. Which gets me thinking…why do we only tend to enjoy wonderful, tasty turkey one time a year? Stuffing that makes your mouth water, mashed potatoes drizzled in gravy! And all this….just once on a Thursday in November. Maybe, if we are lucky, we do turkey instead of ham at Christmas. But really, why just at Thanksgiving?? It boggles my mind. And I’m guilty of it too! I don’t ever think to make turkey dinner and enjoy the leftovers in September..or May..or January. It’s funny how we do things the same so much that we do things without even thinking about them. Well, I’ve thought about it and I’m doing turkey dinner more often.


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