How it’s made – Pallet Art

June 10th, 2016

TodaPallet art 2y we look into our very popular Pallet Art.  Rustic design is very on trend right now. Creating items from scrap wood, mason jars and burlap are the popular DIY gracing the Pinterest pages. But what about those of us who are not so DIY savy? Well, we gotta buy it. But how cute and affordable are the Pallet Art pieces from our collection.  Each is crafted right here in the US and more specifically, Ohio. The lumber used is domestically grown.  The slats are aligned, glued and nailed together to create authentic, primitive canvas. Rustic designs are then applied to the raw surface of the material, producing truly unique pieces of art.  Because of this process no two pieces are ever identical. I love each design that is offered and don’t have enough wall space to house them if I could Pallet art. Amongst the pieces you can find inspirational quotes, loving sentiments and funny sayings. There is definitely something for everyone whether you are a Lake/Cabin type or enjoy toes in the sand. Browse our collection today and check back often as new pieces are added weekly.  Click here to see what’s available online.

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