How to Honor a Long-Tenured Employee at Your Company

March 27th, 2015
Honoring Employees

When you have an employee (or several employees) who has been with your company for many years, it’s only natural that you would want to honor him or her. In this day and age, being employed at one company for more than a few years is a rarity, so when you have employees who have been dedicated and committed to your organization and your cause for five, ten, fifteen years and beyond, there are several ways to show them just how much you appreciate them.


So how should you honor them? Well, there are several ways to do so, and we’re going to provide you with some ideas that will make your tenured employees understand just how much you value their contribution and service to your company.


First and foremost, acknowledge the individuals who have been with the company for an extended amount of time. Generally speaking, you should begin to acknowledge employees who have worked at your company for five years or more. Whether you have a small gathering at the office or simply send out a company-wide email congratulating and thanking those workers for their dedication, make sure you regard them in some way or other.


While this will depend on your budget (and we urge you to make one for occasions like this), think about thanking your employees with a small (or large) token of appreciation. Some gift ideas include custom gifts like engraved watches or jewelry, as well as gifts such as clocks, pen sets, paperweights and even apparel. You’d be surprised at just how much a small, but personalized gift would mean to the employee or their family.


In addition to acknowledging their service and offering a token of your appreciation, you might also consider offering incentives such as additional vacation time – believe me when we tell you your employees would love this! The little things add up, and after money, insurance plans and other benefits, it’s the little things that often dictate how long a talented individual will stay at a company.


There you have it: a few ways to honor employees that have a long tenure at your company. Looking for some great gift ideas? Be sure to check out our online catalogue!



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