How to Honor Local Heroes

August 14th, 2014

Some of the most unrecognized and hardest working individuals are our country’s servicemen and women. They work day in and day out with very little recognition. We all know who keeps our country running and safe, but do we really give them enough, if any, credit?


We don’t think so.


It’s the police officers, firemen (and women), and EMTs, along with the many serving our country in the armed forces (just to name a few) that go to great lengths to keep us out of harm’s way.


These are the people who lay their lives on the line day in and day out. And without thinking twice, they are ready to do whatever it takes to keep their loved ones and communities safe and sound.


Sounds quite courageous and noble, doesn’t it?


We think so!


And because of this, at Awards & More we think a great way to honor these individuals is by throwing a fundraiser or hosting an event to recognize and pay tribute to professional and volunteer servicemen and women. It doesn’t have to be big, but you can be sure that those men and women will be more appreciative than you can even imagine.


Of course, a fundraiser or event wouldn’t be complete without some tokens of recognition. While they don’t have to be big, we recommend gifting awards, or rather, thank yous to your honorees.


Raise money for new equipment, for a volunteer program or a kids program your organization of choice supports, and you’re sure to have a sell-out!



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