Let’s Talk Recognition

January 15th, 2018


So often I get asked, “what do you do?” and my usual reply is “I work at Awards & More, we create custom awards and personalized gifts for all occasions.” And this response works, it communicates what we do on a daily basis. But it doesn’t give the big picture of what we do and it’s this big picture that is, to me, the bigger idea.

Have you ever thought about what it is to recognize someone? To award someone or gift someone? A lot of times, actually most of the time, our emphasis is on what we are gifting, what we are awarding; a giant golden cup to the winning sports team, a wooden plaque made from the rarest mahogany wood on the planet, an optical crystal chalice that heals the sick when touched by the sunlight. OK, maybe some slight exaggeration there but my point is that we emphasize what the recipient is receiving rather than what the recipient has done. I am guilty of it too, I spend time crafting blog posts and social media posts about our latest and greatest products, what we have on special, what is coming out soon. But do I spend enough time acknowledging the people behind these recognitions? The achievers, the winners, the champions that make my job possible. We are flooded with news everyday of what’s wrong with the world, what’s happening to our country, you’ll never believe this or that…. but not enough are we shown the incredible achievements, accomplishments and wins of this same world.


“Giving recognition is a powerful means of rewarding effort, saying thank you, providing a sense of belonging to something important, building loyalty, and encouraging positive performance”


So I invite you to share. Share with me and all of us, your accomplishments, achievements and wins. Share with us the wins of others, your neighbors, your family, your friends.  Use our page as a place to celebrate.  Recognition, by definition, must be done by someone other than the achiever.  Be the spreader of this good news, be the catalyst that releases this news to the world.  Have you been in to place an order within the last 12 months? Share what you bought, who was it for? What did they do? What was the reason you came in to celebrate this person? The world can seem like a pretty grim place sometimes, but I can always find a reason for it all when I work with a customer on a special award for an inspiring person who has done an amazing thing.



90 days of recognition

The. Last. 90. days!  All that happened in the last 90 days!! That’s awesome and amazing and inspiring all in one! So please, join me in celebrating those in your life that are making moves, achieving goals and getting stuff done. We need more of that and I promise to bring more of that too in this new year.




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