Multiple Scoregasms Put the Stamp on Victorious Secret

October 13th, 2014

Last week we ran into some technical difficulties and couldn’t post but we wouldn’t slack in giving you the low down. Looks like “Multiple Scoregasms” beat the panties off of “Victorious Secret” and anyone that can get Vicky Secret and pantyless in the same sentence, deserves an award.  Here is Yahoo’s summary of the match up:


“Multiple Scoregasms (4-1, 535.70 points) got the highest point total by a player this season from Demaryius Thomas, taking down Victorious Secret (3-2, 514.18 points) 104.76 to 86.78. Multiple Scoregasms scored first and went into Sunday in front 5.20 to 0. That advantage slipped away like a wet fish after the early Sunday games, and they trailed by 47.82. Multiple Scoregasms took the lead back during the late Sunday games and held on for the victory.”


So with that said, Week 5 Winner is “Multiple Scoregasms” for bagging “Victorious Secret”  Congrats!!


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