Nothing Victorious about it

November 15th, 2014

Week 10 proved PATHETIC for Victorious Secret! Did she realize the season goes past Halloween. We have to give it to Victorious Secret this week for the biggest beatdown this season thus far. Here is Yahoo’s recap of the big blowout.

“SHOW ME UR TDS left it all on the field in this one and recorded the highest point total they’ve scored this season to wallop Victorious Secret 130.64 to 30.64. Is this fantasy football or mixed martial arts? Because this 100.00-point margin of victory was nothing short of a beatdown and was the highest recorded in the league this season. Following a 104.66 to 92.32 win against |G|Men of Steel, Victorious Secret saw their scoring drop dramatically this week. When assigning blame following this loss, Victorious Secret can look in the mirror. They started a player with zero points (Andrew Hawkins). Victorious Secret (6-4, 1,051.14 points) drops to fifth place and SHOW ME UR TDS (2-8, 771.26 points) remains mired in the cellar.”


So congrats to Victorious Secret and you receive the award for the Biggest Beatdown.

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