Overall, a successful Season. Thanks to those who participated!

February 6th, 2015

We have come to the end of our very first season of Awards & More Fantasy Football.  It was a good season with lots of great moments and also some downright disgraceful plays but we enjoyed ourselves and hope those who participated did too.  Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be here. This season we awarded 12 weeks of winners covering all facets of the game.  Some won because their team got a victory, their QB was smooth or they scored the most points. Others won for their losses, poor performance or least amount of points. We included them all. Without losses, their would be no wins. Without losers, there would be no winners. Here is a recap of the league’s weekly winners:


Week 1 & 2  The Tight Ends for “Keeping it Tight” two weeks in a row

Week 3 Deja Vu  “Bottom’s Up Award” for last place

Week 4 G|Men of Steel “Biggest Blowout” for their win against Balloonknots

Week 5 Multiple Scoregasms for their huge victory against Victorious Secret

Week 6 The Goldenfield “Glad you could make it” for finally showing up with a great performance

Week 7 Show me your TD’s winning “Ebola Award” for last place

Week 8 Steel Curtain “Coldie Award” Highest score of the season so far

Week 9 Balloonknots for scoring highest points of Week 9

Week 10 Victorious Secret “Biggest Beatdown” for their loss against Show Me Your TD’s

Week 11 Deja Vu “Biggest Blowout” for their win against G|Men of Steel

Week 12 C’mon Man “QB Award” for Brees’ top scoring week


And then to award the winner of all winners, the victor, the champion……El Rooster. (cue the gaggle of roosters crowing.)  He rose up from the shadows to be the very first Awards & More Fantasy Football Champion.  If you look back, El Rooster scored an A+ on his draft report card according to Yahoo Fantasy Football.  He took home 21 Gold and 2 Silver Toyota Hall of Fame Medals and consistently played a good game to eventually take the championship.  Congratulations to El Rooster for his win. Thank you to all those who participated and we hope you had just as great a season as we did.  Keep posted to our blog for all store updates, product showcases and just interesting stuff.  We hope you enjoyed the blog as much as I had fun blogging about it.

This season's winner El Rooster accepting his trophy and posing with the championship belt.

This season’s winner El Rooster accepting his trophy and posing with the championship belt.


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