Return to Sender, Address Unknown

October 28th, 2014

It’s almost Christmas and soon the stores will be ringing with festive shoppers hunting for the best deal. Last week we talked about getting your Christmas cards printed and ready for sending. Before you know it, cards will be flooding your mailbox so make your life easier and start thinking about them now.  One thing I’ve designed for myself and would also make an awesome gift is the Return Address Stamp.  I use mine so often, it has more than paid for itself and it’s a cute way of adding a little personality to boring mail like bill payments and envoking a smile for the recipient of your holiday card. Here is our current design on our letter to Santa.

Customize with your address


What a cute way to send a smile. We can do this design or work with you on a design of your own.  Pinterest is a great place to find ideas and layouts that can add sparkle to your mail. Stamps range from $16.00 up depending on size, style and design.  Email or call us at 860-741-2345 and [email protected] for more information on our Custom Return Address Stamp.

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