Take Some Time to Show Appreciation for Your Secretary

September 12th, 2014

Any way you want to say it, these are the individuals who help us complete our day-to-day tasks – effectively and efficiently. Without our first line of defense, our world would fall apart, creating utter disorganization and chaos. And nobody wants that – especially in a professional setting.


Sure, it’s probably easy to take your secretary for granted from time to time. After all, they’re in the office day in and day out completing a plethora of tasks you’re probably not even aware of.


Not only are they keeping track of your schedule and booking your appointments, but they might also be the ones booking travel accommodations, managing daily office operations, organizing and maintain files and records, dealing with unwanted solicitation, and taking care of customer service issues – just to name a few. Your secretary aka executive assistant might even be responsible for researching, editing and preparing reports, presentations and even press releases.


As you can see, their job is no walk in the park. They aren’t just answering phones as many think. No, they are working their tails off to provide you with the level of service and expertise you expect and deserve. The kind that makes your business operate flawlessly.


In this light, it’s imperative that you show your appreciation to the one or few people who help make your world run smoothly. Just imagine the days when they aren’t present – they’re a little bit tougher than usual, aren’t they?


One way to show appreciation is through gifts, like desk clocks, ornaments, a name block or a paper weight. While gifts are just material things, be sure to show and voice your appreciation often. This will go a long way in keeping your secretary happy and wanting to come into work.


You’ll also want to mark your calendar for Wednesday, April 22, 2015, which is Administrative Professionals Day. Make sure you take this day to celebrate one your most valuable employees!



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