The Advantages of Handing Out Promotional Products

April 14th, 2014

Promotional products can be powerful advertising tools that can help businesses reach their target audience, and make their audience remember their company or brand.  Ultimately, promotional products can help you leave a favorable and lasting impression among customers.


Awards & More has a section on our website devoted to promotional products, and when you page through the packed online catalog, you’ll see all sorts of products you can put your name and/or information on, such as mugs, flashlights, and golf balls.


Awards & More is known for engraving products, and more importantly, for “recognizing the good things in life.”


Have you ever visited a convention, trade show, or a small business where you got something as a thank you for being there? Promotional products are a win-win deal for both businesses and potential customers.


In life, to build relationships with one another, what do you do if you like someone? You give them a gift. It doesn’t have to be a big, expensive gift. People like receiving gifts, and promotional products, typically given away to promote a business, make people feel good. Wouldn’t you smile if you went up to a table at a show and someone working there said hello, chatted with you, and offered you a free “take home” gift?


Go to a trade show/convention/event and notice which tables or booths are busiest. Chances are, the ones with the cool promotional products have people at them consistently over time, as people want to “see what’s being given out” and “get one.”


Moreover, for certain people who sign up for a subscription or buy tickets to a show, for instance, the products can be a little more expensive and nicer than just giving away pens or temporary tattoos. Attractive umbrellas, oven mitts, flashlights and ornaments with your company’s name and/or logo on them are a nice way to delight a new customer. That “thank you” gift goes a long way in their book—they’ll remember feeling good about the company if they received a “bonus” that they like and have a use for once they get home.


To establish and build a good relationship with customers, businesses today should consider ordering promotional products to give as gifts via Awards & More. Take a look at the online catalog to see the many different types of products available.



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