The Benefits of Giving Awards to Your Employees

January 10th, 2014

If money is an employee’s cake, recognition is the frosting on top. People work for money, but perhaps even more importantly, they crave recognition. They desire to feel wanted, needed, and important to their company’s initiative.


In Maslow’s psychological hierarchy of needs, toward the top you’ll find that people have the inherent need to be appreciated and the need to belong. These needs are met through peer-to-peer thanks and recognition, as well as having a “higher-up” acknowledge great work and achievements.


Successful business owners, managers, bosses and group leaders know the secret to keeping employees happy and motivated to do their best is recognition. Sometimes all it takes is a verbal acknowledgment: “Hey, you’re doing a great job!” Better yet, people—even the shy ones—appreciate the spotlight when a “higher-up” presents them with an award and/or plaque in front of their peers. It shows that they matter.


Not everyone can win an Emmy, Grammy, Tony or Oscar award. But for the majority of working people, receiving a physical award or plaque from their employer is like winning one of those prestigious awards.


Recognizing great employees with awards and plaques helps boost morale. Employees will strive to “win” awards because it gives them a goal—something to show for their efforts.


Go to people’s homes, and check their home offices. What’s often on their walls? Awards and plaques grace the walls of many homes, showing off a person’s special recognition and/or achievements in school, work and community life.


And take a look at the walls of businesses and people’s work cubicles/offices, where you’ll hopefully see awards and plaques as well. People love to be recognized for who they are and what they do.


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