The “Tightends” are keeping it Tight

September 17th, 2014

Well, here we are. Week 2. So far this season, we have faced quite the scandal amongst some of the most promising players of this season. But no need to discuss that anymore than it’s been already. Let’s celebrate something POSITIVE! Like our league leader at the moment…..The “Tightends”

Tightends have won their matchups two weeks in a row, scoring the most points in the league. Week 1, Tightends came in with 146.32 points, 38.5 points above the projected amount. That was enough to beat Multiple Scoregasms, 146.32 to 113.76

Week 2, coming in at 15.75 points below his projection, he still pulled it out to beat Victorious Secret 89.14 to 85.08. Ooooo so close Victorious Secret, better luck next time.

So this week, we honor The “Tightends” for keeping it tight two weeks in a row and for that you shall be rewarded.  This week, the prize is a keychain with your team and logo.

Keep checking back to our blog weekly, as we announce new winners, new matchups and new prizes!!!






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