Tips for Commemorating a Championship

March 6th, 2015

Kids love superheroes and champions. They look up to them. Whether it’s Superman or NFL football players, kids have a wide-eyed enthusiasm for those who achieve great things against all odds. Come to think of it, we all do– people of all ages.


To be a champion is to feel a sense of accomplishment. If you were ever on a team, you know what it feels like to win games as well as lose them. Ideally, you’d want to win as many games as possible. Ultimately, one of the goals of playing sports is to win the big championship game. Many youngsters today are playing soccer, baseball, basketball, football and other youth sports, and when their team wins…it’s time to celebrate!


In order to properly commemorate a championship, team leaders should put together a congratulatory banquet complete with a nice meal, some inspiring speeches, and, of course, trophies. What kid wouldn’t like a trophy with their name on it to proudly display on a shelf in their room?


Awards & More is in the business of “recognizing the good things in life,” and when you want to show team players you’re proud of them, consider giving them award cup trophies– custom engraved for each player.


Made of metal, with a silver or gold coloring and a solid marble base, Awards & More’s cup trophies look great at team banquets, celebrations and parties. Imagine the smiles on those who receive them for having played well and having been part of a winning team.

Order your trophies from Awards & More; call 860-741-2345 today to discuss options.


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