Tips for Writing an Acceptance Speech After Wining an Award

October 15th, 2015

Acceptance Speech


Awards & More helps people recognize high achievements with personalized trophies, plaques, crystal awards, engraved gifts and other items. When people receive awards, they’re often called upon to give a speech. Here are some tips for giving an award-winning speech.


First, people love to hear stories. We live in a storytelling culture. Therefore, a speech is often well-received when it involves personal stories that are kept general enough so as not to reveal too many personal details, but open enough to get everyone to pay close attention. With stories, there’s a quick introduction, rising action, suspense, climax, diminishing action, and resolution. A well-told story takes listeners on a journey and keeps them captivated– after all, people want to hear how the story ends, right? Definitely.


Next, the better you look giving your speech, the better the speech will be. Dress for success, show confidence, use gestures, and, if the event calls for it, wear a suit or dress that stands out from the crowd. Remember that much of communication is nonverbal, and how you look and act while delivering your speech is sometimes even more important than the words you say!


Ideally, you’ll want to know and understand your audience well enough to give them what they want and can relate to. A great speaker shows empathy toward their audience, connecting with them so everyone in the room–ideally– feels included and accepted.


An award-winning speech is often practiced beforehand. Even something as simple as saying it in front of your bathroom mirror at home is a good idea. It’s also a good idea to go to the venue where the speech will be given and test out the equipment beforehand to make sure it’s in fine working order. When the microphone and/or screen presentation work as intended, a speech goes much better than when they don’t.


Finally, short speeches seem to be more appreciated than long-winded ones. In general, try and keep your speech to less than five minutes.



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