Types of Baseball Awards to Present at a Banquet

July 22nd, 2015

Baseball Banquet AwardsAwards & More is the perfect place to get baseball awards to present at a banquet. There are so many cool and interesting designs to choose from, including trophies and resin figures and even bobbleheads.


When you think of baseball, what are some of the things you’d name that the sport itself is known for? How about baseball mitts, baseballs, bats, helmets and jerseys? These are all elements of baseball which are incorporated into the various baseball awards from Awards & More. In addition, some of the awards are 3D, quite colorful, and/or include stars– quite the attention-getters.


To honor beginners, Awards & More has T-Ball awards made with a highly polished wood base. The youth T-Ball players are shown with their bat fully extended and ready to hit the baseball off of the “T” to get that hit. Available in both male and female versions, they stand 7 inches tall and come in a pewter tone finish. The base on these awards has plenty of room for whatever your personalization needs may be.


For an outstanding pitcher, consider the action pose antique bronze baseball pitcher figure on a black finish base. A catcher could receive the mitt/glove award.


One of the more unique items is the elegant-yet-affordable crystal baseball sport award with its 3D lasered profile of a sport figure on it, a frosted baseball top, and a deluxe velour-lined presentation box.


Plaques always work well at baseball banquets, and Awards & More has a nice baseball resin plaque in pewter and gold with room for an engraving plate. And, of course, there are always the traditional baseball trophies, which many older people still have from when they played on a team in their youth.


Definitely browse the Awards & More website to see the many different baseball awards offered— there’s seemingly something for every taste.



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