Ways to Celebrate an On-Stage Performance

March 8th, 2016

Custom On-Stage Awards


Whether or not they’d admit it, chances are most actors and actresses would love to win an Oscar for their acting abilities. The Oscar is validation for a job well done, and a chance for others to acknowledge a person’s greatness.


Very few people in the world will ever win an actual Oscar, but that doesn’t mean actors and actresses can’t enjoy the same feelings famous actors like Leonardo DiCaprio have after winning an award of recognition for playing their roles.


How can today’s play directors from Buffalo to Burbank or Dallas to Denver celebrate their cast members for excellent on-stage performances? For starters, awards should be considered, as supplied by Awards & More.


For instance, Awards & More offers a 24 karat gold finished metal star award on a natural finish rosewood plaque. This gorgeous piece can be customized with a person’s name on it– something they’d proudly display at home or work for all to see for years to come.


There’s also the perennially popular gold finished metal champion figure on a black marble pedestal with a logo circle on top as well as the gold finished metal victory figure statue, both of which look like an Oscar. These awards work well for honorary dinners and award shows where individuals are to be recognized for their outstanding work.


Finally, Awards & More also offers two rather unique awards: the stainless steel star statue, which works well for honoring groups of people, and the chrome eagle with optic crystal pedestal, which has a modern, sleek look to it, standing out from the crowd.


See these various awards here: http://www.awards-more.com/products/uniquely-hollywood/vs6sP6qF5d5r1/


Awards & More can add logos and/or engrave most of its products. In general, there’s a 10 day lead time for the “Hollywood” awards, so it’s best if you order well in advance by calling 860-741-2345 or purchasing your items through the online store option.



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