Welcome to the Season, Mr. Goldenfield

October 21st, 2014

After 6 exhausting weeks of losing, Goldenfield has turned it around to score his first win this season. And a stunner of a win at that. Goldenfield beats his opponent ” Show me Your TDS” by just short of 100 points, AND he scored the most points in the league this week at 144.52.  Here’s a recap from Yahoo:


“The GoldenField recorded the third-highest score of the season and pummeled SHOW ME UR TDS 144.52 to 48.36. These two teams are tied for 11th place with 1-6 records, but it smells like BS, as The GoldenField knows they’re the much better squad, leading in total points 645.82 to 511.16. SHOW ME UR TDS has had some misfortune after losing their third in a row. When assigning blame following this loss, SHOW ME UR TDS can look in the mirror. They started a player with zero points (Zac Stacy).”


It is with great pleasure that I award the “Glad You Could Make It Trophy” to The Goldenfield for an impressive late entry to the season.






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