What Types of Awards Should You Give to Employees?

February 14th, 2014

In our last blog post, we discussed the many benefits of presenting employees with awards to motivate, encourage and reward them.  Today, let’s take a look at the types of meaningful awards you could present them with.


There are many types of awards you can create for employees. One of the most obvious is for sales. A sales person’s ego is largely based on how well he or she sells for a company—and an award on the wall of their office for total sales achieved in a given period goes a long way in showing others they’re great at what they do. Sales people, who are usually ultra-competitive, will fight to win this award, which can be given monthly, quarterly or yearly. They want everyone else to know they were #1 in sales. They want to be “top dog.”  That extra motivation will surely help improve company sales.


A related award can be given for excellent customer service. When customers email or write to a company praising a certain employee for the way they were treated and their concern(s) handled, a boss can take a look at the number and quality of customer endorsements of that employee and then award them with a plaque or crystal award that recognizes their good work on behalf of the company. Customer service is vital to the success of any business, and taking time to recognize those that go “above and beyond” will help create an environment that is customer friendly.


“Employee of the month” is a favorite award, recognizing one person who combines a variety of positive attributes deserving praise. Winners are usually based on their ability to sell well and provide customer service that gets positive feedback. Also to be considered—are they a likeable team player with excellent attendance? You’ll often see “employee of the month” plaques hanging in public view at grocery stores, retail shops, and some restaurants.


Two other awards to consider include recognition for participating in community service projects that better the community and celebrating a milestone anniversary with the company—25 years, for instance.


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