Why Businesses Need Directional Signage

July 17th, 2014

Without signs, no one would know where to go. This is especially true regarding businesses, which rely on quality interior signs to guide visitors, customers, delivery people, people with special needs and others who come into the building and need direction.


Directional signage is very important to get people to the places they need to go. Smart businesses make sure they have signs pointing people through hallways to get to places like restrooms, stairwells, and exits. Nothing is more frustrating than walking into a building and not having a clue where to find things. Without directional signs to point the way, you’re lost!


Meanwhile, it’s good to have dimensional signs associated with your business, as they are bold and impress upon viewers a professional image. Dimensional means the signs aren’t just flat on a wall, but stick out in a way that draws attention. Oftentimes, you’ll see dimensional signs showing the company name and/or logo to clearly identify it.


Finally, businesses need to consider all people, including those with special needs. Back in the early 1990s, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) set guidelines for businesses to follow to make sure their facilities were/are accessible to people with physical limitations. The “ADA” also requires specific signs for commercial spaces—commonly known as “ADA signs.” These signs may include Braille, so blind people can touch them to read what they say, or they may have extra-large font sizes so people with limited sight can easily read them.


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