Why Custom Pins are a Great Promotional Tool

December 1st, 2014

Custom pins are a great promotional item giveaway because people like them and, more importantly, they wear them. That means the organization, product or brand logo you want to promote can conveniently be shown to an almost endless supply of people as the wearers proudly wear them.


Do you have pins that were given to you many years ago? You probably do. People don’t usually throw pins away. They keep them for years and years, and proudly display them somewhere, whether it’s on a pin board in their home, on a ball cap, or the lapel of their shirt.


Companies should use custom pins as giveaways as part of their marketing efforts. These pins are an inexpensive way to get good long-term advertising.


Also, it should be noted that people want to be recognized and associated with GREAT things. Just like people wear the winning team’s jersey–even if they don’t play the sport–pins signify that a person is interested and/or affiliated with someone or something bigger than themselves. You want people to proudly wear your logo, right? Give them a pin.


Awards & More can make custom pins to be used a promotional giveaways at events like trade shows or school functions. Indeed, pins end up in all sorts of places, and some even become collectors’ items.


If you have an event coming up and are looking for a great way to market your business or organization long after the event is over, consider having Awards & More make your custom pins. Awards & More has the ability to etch metal pins for you with dynamic, enameled colors. Call 860-741-2345 to get a price quote.



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