Why Secretaries Are a Tremendous Asset to Businesses

May 26th, 2015

It has been said that secretaries often know their fellow workers’ daily routines better than their spouses. Think about it: secretaries spend many waking hours at work with “the boss” and fellow workers, getting to know details about both their professional and personal lives in a way that essentially holds the office together. Want to get to a boss? The road to the boss goes through their secretary, who often acts as chief gatekeeper for the business or organization.


Secretaries are vital to businesses because they do so much– everything from answer phones to handle emails and mail. Secretaries are often the first to greet visitors, and they find themselves answering all sorts of questions daily. In addition, they know where everything is, they know how to use computers and office equipment, and they do their best to meet the needs of all those who request something of them.


If you know of a secretary who you would consider to be an “office miracle worker,” you should recognize them with an award or gift from Awards & More. There are several beautiful, thoughtful ways to show your appreciation, including clocks, pens, globes, vases, and paperweights.


Awards & More can custom engrave products with the message of your choice, so you can let your secretary know how much you appreciate their assistance. In particular, consider the elegant Burlwood and Rosewood piano finish desk clock with pens set. That would look nice on their desk. Also, Awards & More offers a gorgeous glass award globe with a striking blue and white sea anemone design on a black glass base. This award globe has a laser engravable aluminum plate. Packaged in satin-lined, padded gift boxes, each piece of Awards & More’s art glass is made by hand, with air bubbles and color variations. Should you give your secretary flowers, consider placing them in a sleek cylinder shaped vase (or the more graceful Erika Vase) available on the Awards & More website. Finally, if “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” then Awards & More’s diamond paper weight is a superb way to show your female secretary that she shines like a diamond in all she does.


Browse the Awards & More website to find the perfect award and/or gift for your secretary. Or call 860-741-2345 to ask for advice and/or order over the phone.



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